Flux, a Movement for Change

Women’s Leadership Conference
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Tickets are on sale for the upcoming Women’s Network Leadership Summit, FLUX: A Movement for Change –  www.wnflux.com

As an organization focused on training and thought leadership related to women in the workplace, The Women’s Network is embarking on a first-ever Leadership Summit, Flux to bring women and men together in for education and conversation around unconscious bias, empowering women and creating equitable workplaces in our community.

The day will include a facilitated forum to engage the community in a conversation around creating equitable workplaces, particularly as it relates to women.  We will be sharing the results of our Gender Equity and Female Leadership Research Study that provides the demographic data regarding women and minority representation in leadership positions in Summit County.  

Participants will be invited to share their ideas and insights through table discussions and group discussions to better inform the work of Women’s Network and our partner organizations on the actionable ways we can address the key issues facing women in the workplace and move toward more inclusive work environments.