Lisa Givan

Associate Vice-President for Diversity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer
The Indiana Institute of Technology
Lisa Given

As the Associate Vice-President of Diversity & Inclusion at Indiana Institute of Technology, Lisa is responsible for leading efforts to develop and maintain a welcoming environment that embraces, supports, and celebrates diversity. A Chief Diversity Officer who actively provides point and coordinates leadership for diversity issues institution-wide; Lisa advances the implementation of a strategic plan for inclusion and diversity, aligned with the university strategic plan.

Prior to joining the Indiana Tech family, Lisa served as the Associate Director of Diversity Training at Kent State University where she was responsible for the development, coordination and delivery of diversity related training. With over twenty- five years combined experience in both Corporate America and Higher Education, Lisa’s has deemed herself a Cultural Navigator, an Inclusion Specialist and a Transformation Agent. She is an award winning facilitator who presents
both regionally and nationally. Her latest presentation was at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in June 2018.

An engaging facilitator, Lisa’s ability to be transparent with her participants allows them to push through topics that can be of a sensitive nature toward a growth mindset. Her “theory to practice” approach allows participants to leave her sessions with an immediate plan of action. She also consults with school districts, non-profit and government agencies as well as businesses to provide vision, innovation and leadership for professional development needs.

Lisa is also a Qualified Administrator of the Inter-cultural Development Inventory and has her own consulting agency. A two-time alum of the University of Akron, Lisa considers herself blessed in that her passion and profession are in total alignment.