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Sadie Winlock

President & CEO
Akron Urban League
Sadie Winlock

Dr. Winlock has been serving Northeast Ohio for over 30 years. When arriving in Ohio in 1987, she served as director of education for Allstate Insurance Company and through several promotions eventually was responsible for the growth and expansion of the Allstate brand across the states of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. After leaving Allstate she used the skills learned coupled with experience and developed a small consulting business that catapulted her into the federal contracting space, working with federal agencies such as the Army National Guard, The Department of Defense and Veteran Affairs.

Her work as a business owner allowed her to build workshops that supported the Baltimore Federal Executive Board’s Federal Women’s Training and Award Program focused on mentoring. She created opportunities for international business development for a local 8A company in the Washington, DC area, and supported the DC Chamber of Commerce’s Business Resource Center.

With the majority of her consulting clients being based in Washington, DC, Dr. Winlock began to pursue opportunities that would bring her back to Northeast Ohio. She continued her consulting, supporting corporate communications at the Cleveland Clinic with an emphasis on enterprise-wide social responsibility, HooverMilstein, a venture capitalist firm in communications and crisis management and served as a strategist, writer of speeches, presentations, letters of communication, reports for several local Cleveland churches and non-profit organizations.

When the opportunity was presented to work with a non-profit organization with a mission that addressed her passion for helping and supporting the underserved, Dr. Winlock accepted the appointment of Chief Operating Officer for the YWCA Greater Cleveland and supported building and expanding their brand, and focusing on their mission through program development. Best known for her ability to work both strategically and tactically, Dr. Winlock used her abilities in research and program design, data analysis, organizational and leadership development to grow partnerships and programs in the organization.

In 2016, Dr. Winlock was approached about the opportunity of becoming President & CEO of the Akron Urban League. She accepted this responsibility with the idea that her corporate, small business and non-profit experience could make a difference and assist an organization with a strong and long history for supporting the community and especially people of color to begin or continue to live a quality life using education and employment as tools for empowerment.

Her goal is for the Akron Urban League is to become a strong voice, community partner and the hub of collaborative services to continue the growth and expansion of the Greater Akron Area and all of Summit County.

Dr. Winlock received a Bachelor of Arts in English from North Carolina Central University, an MBA from Myers University and a Doctorate in Management from the University of Phoenix.